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5 Major Changes That Will Make IPL 2023 More Interesting.

The Indian Premier League (IPL) has introduced 5 New Major rules for the 2023 season. These rules aim to make the IPL more thrilling and exciting.

On March 31, IPL 2023 will be announced with 10 teams competing for the coveted IPL trophy. The opening match of the tournament will feature the Gujarat Titans versus the Chennai Super Kings. IPL 2023 has introduced 5 new Major and big rules this season, promising to add a new dimension and change the league’s dynamics. These rules will make this season more exciting and dynamic than ever before. IPL is about to start its 16th season, and this year promises to be more exciting than ever before, with 5 new major rules. Let’s take a closer look at what these rules are and how they will enhance the game.

Here is the Summary of the 5 Major Rules.

Players Can be Changed after the Toss

The captains of all ten teams participating in the IPL 2023 will have the opportunity to modify their playing eleven. In addition, two different team sheets are created for the Captain’s Toss. The captain was obliged to give the playing eleven the sheet game reference before the IPL tours. But now, due to the updated new regulations after the tournament, the captain has the freedom to choose his playful Eleven. it’s mandatory to name 5 subtitle players on Elijah’s play sheet. Helps Frenchmen pick their best single, for either first bowling or first ball. The impact player rule applies in the upcoming season.

From Now DRS is available For Wide & No-Ball.

The upcoming IPL 2023 season is set to bring even more excitement and fairness with the addition of DRS for Wide and No-Ball calls, taking the game to Next Level. In Past, players would only use DRS in the case of being given out or not. It is important to remember that during previous IPL matches, the umpires have made significant errors in their widespread and no-ball decisions, resulting in teams paying the price long after the match has ended. This time, DRS players will bring great relief to calls made for Wide and No-Balls.

Player Impact Rule

Get excited for IPL 2023, where impact player rules will be more thrilling. During tours, the captain will be provided with the names of 5 substitute players to include in the team sheet alongside the playing eleven. Before the 14th over ends, captains can select any of the 5 substitutes as the impact player to change the game. During an impact player match, substitutes can replace a cricketer in both batting and bowling. Don’t get too excited – the impact player can only come onto the field at the end of an over after a wicket falls, or if a player is injured. And if the match has less than 10 overs left due to rain or other reasons, the impact player won’t be able to substitute.

If Wicketkeeper or Fielder Makes a Mistake, the Entire Team is Penalized

In the upcoming IPL 2023 season, if a team switches their fielding positions prior to the ball being played by the batsman. Then umpire will rule the ball dead and award five penalty runs to the opposing team.

Penalty for Slow Over Rate

As per the rules of the IPL 2023 season, any team that fails to complete their overs within the specified time will be restricted. And They can have only four fielders outside the 30-yard circle for each subsequent over.

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